Erie County and NY-27 Voters Can Send a Message

February 27, 2021

$27 on the 27th from NY-27

Voters across Erie County and throughout New York’s 27th Congressional District have a chance to send a message and help support responsible and unifying leadership in the Town of Hamburg.

​As a resident of the County and Congressional District, you know the damage erratic and opportunistic politicians have on local communities. You are also aware of how effective an honest and sensible leader can be. Randy Hoak will bring over 20 years of experience as an advocate to stand up for the community where he has lived for 42 years. Hoak will use his community-building experience to bring groups together and continue to move Hamburg forward.

Supporting Hoak sends a message that Erie County and Western New York are ready to move towards progress and leave divisiveness and discord behind. This campaign aims to connect communities and bring people together. Your support sets an example for the rest of the area that unity, integrity and sensibility are more powerful than political ambitions.

Donate $27 to Hamburg for Hoak today and send the message that Western New York is ready for more responsible leaders.