Learn some of the ways Randy plans to move Hamburg forward

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Welcome to the Town of Hamburg
Welcome to the Town of Hamburg

Hamburg Playground
Hamburg Playground

Armor Inn
Armor Inn

Welcome to the Town of Hamburg
Welcome to the Town of Hamburg

Connecting Communities

Hamburg is home to two villages and many great neighborhoods. We have Armor, Lakeview, Athol Springs, Locksley Park, Mount Vernon, Forest Glen, just to name a few. What makes these communities great is the people that live there; the friendships and families.

Take a minute to think about how you connect with people today. What has changed over the last few decades or so? 

How can the Town of Hamburg better connect our communities and the people that live in them? How can we foster inter-generational connection, walk-ability, bike-ability? Are we making the most out of our investment into recreation and quality of life amenities? Infrastructure and program resources are limited. We need to leverage all public dollars and projects to benefit the residents in our town. If we are paving a road, can we add a bike lane at little to no cost? If we are updating a playground, can we add a walking oval for grandparents to use while their grandchildren are on the tot lot?


These are the questions that will be asked of ALL departments in town government. Forward thinking communities call this a Health In All Policies Approach. We need to examine how our built environment affects our communities, we need to explore enhancements to the public realm that lead to healthier children and seniors. The Town of Hamburg has dedicated civil servants, elected leaders, first responders, and technical experts, that can all play a role in moving Hamburg forward on this issue. What’s more, we have some great volunteer groups, Village governments and a supportive business community.


As your Town Supervisor, convening these stakeholders for a set of policy recommendations to benefit all members of our community will be a day one priority. 

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Pandemic Recovery

The last year has been like nothing we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic and its lingering effects continue to impact our communities. Over 4,000 of our residents have contracted the illness, schools have been remote and hybrid, affecting our children’s ability to learn and build their socialization skills, adults are working from home, grandparents are unable to visit with their grandchildren, local businesses have had to survive in new and different ways, festivals, sports and events have been canceled, and the economy has struggled to stay afloat. But we are a strong community, we’ve helped each other get through each day, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

While adjusting to our “new normal,” we have to move Hamburg forward and plan for what happens next. We need businesses back up and running, schools re-opened full-time, parents need to go back to work, grandparents need to be with their grandchildren, and we need to jump start our economy. Most importantly we need to stay vigilant and healthy so that we are able to celebrate life’s moments together again. That means masking up, staying socially distant, washing our hands and getting vaccinated. After all, a healthy community is a strong community.


As Town Supervisor, I will work with local, state and federal officials to make sure our communities and businesses have the resources they need to recover from the pandemic. I will work with the local school boards and officials to make sure they have what they need to re-open safely - and stay open. I will also work with local health officials to make sure we address any lingering physical and mental health issues members of our community may be experiencing as a result of the long periods of isolation and separation from family and friends.


Together, I believe we can move Hamburg forward and past this pandemic, and we will be stronger as a result.  

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Public Safety

Hamburg is home to vibrant and safe communities. Our dedicated public servants, police force, first responders, teachers, volunteer fire companies and neighbors keep our homes and families safe. We are fortunate to have concerned and engaged citizens. I am excited to work with the great committees and community organizations trying to make our community a safer, more inclusive place.


The Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Committee works with and supports our police department as they address the problems facing our community: domestic violence, drug use, DWI and mental health crises. The Hamburg Coalition for Equity and Inclusion identifies opportunities to increase diversity and inclusivity. As Town Supervisor I will continue the momentum of our Town Board to ensure our police department has the resources they need.

I will also do what I have done for over 20 years: stand up for some of our most vulnerable. Domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse afflict our community. These issues cannot be solved by citizens or public servants alone. Collaboration and cross-sectoral partnership is essential. We need an advocate that has success working with county, state and federal governments.

As Town Supervisor, I will be your advocate. 

Eco-Friendly Neighborhoods

We have no time to waste. As Town Supervisor, I will implement an environmentally friendly policy. We must evaluate our energy, refuse and recycling needs while finding opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. We need all hands on deck to ensure we are being good stewards of our land, air and water. Each town department, businesses, schools and residents have a role to play. I will coordinate with county, state and federal officials to leverage incentive programs and grants to support these efforts. 

We can reduce our carbon footprint by connecting our communities with safe bike routes, walking paths and sidewalks. We need charging stations for electric vehicles. These visible initiatives must be complemented by education for all residents who are ready for a more environmentally friendly Hamburg.

We need to ensure our residents know the positive environmental impact of shopping local. Supporting local businesses is good for our environment and economy. Fresh local produce makes for healthier diets. Simple changes like chemical free gardening, LED lights, re-purposing household items, planting flowers that increase pollination, public transportation, carpooling, cycling and walking when possible are all ways that we can move Hamburg forward. 

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